Most people run to the store or run to get gas, but consumers may slow it down with the rise of jogger pants.

The rise of jogger pants has spread across BYU-Idaho’s campus this summer. They bring a touch of causal to everyday pants.

The pants have an elastic ankle making them resemble sweatpants, hence the name “jogger pants.”  These pants come in variety of materials but the purpose is to bring an element of comfort to typical pants.

The pants possess a hint of irony often combining the class of chinos with the carefree vibe the radiates from sweatpants.

The pants possess an advantage in that they help taper the pant more than was previously possible.

Because the leg opening is elastic the rest of the leg can be built skinnier with the foot still able to escape out the elastic bottom.

The picture displays this concept well, the pants would not permit him to put them on without the elastic cuffs.  The pants allow men to go for a skinnier cut now.

A second advantage to many is the ability to showcase one’s shoes.

For many streetwear wearers, the shoe radiates as the center piece of their outfit. With the ability for joggers to cling to the ankles, the pants allow an emphasis on the shoes. Previously these people would cuff their pants or hide their shoes.

Prices range depending on the brand but start as low as 20 dollars.

With prices like those these pants aren’t likely to stretch the wallet, and might soon run out at local retailers.


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