Usually people seek spiritual uplift from scriptures or the temple, soon some will just look at their socks.

A company has unveiled their new socks, picturing scenes from the Book of Mormon. Bom socks takes famous depictions of the book and makes them available for show when sitting down.

The company target members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints.

Eccentric socks have become a major menswear trend among BYU-Idaho students.

The style has taken campus by storm and spotting plain socks during Sacrament meeting proves more difficult than finding their more colorful counterpart.

The trend started with Stance socks.

Rick Alden, a church member, co-founded the company likely playing into their success among Mormons.

The white handbook only allows wearing socks that match the pants. After staring at the same socks for two years men have decided to add some spice to their wardrobe.

The socks range from stripes to polka-dots, basketball team logos to player faces.

These ones show Allen Iverson taking a shot.

The trend seems popular and likely will stay around.

Bom Socks have identified the trend and hopes to conquer this population of church members.

Maybe the missionary department will change their stance on socks, and missionaries will start teaching through their socks instead of a picture book.


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