Tyhmiä Hattuja

Oatmeal advertising went viral recently with a rise in popularity of men’s hats.

Celebrities from Justin Bieber to David Beckham have been sporting less than flattering hats that seem to be what every designer is pumping out this season.

1431640293394_02 justin bieber


The hat named the “Panama Hat” is unfortunately going to sweep the menswear world this season.

Aside from it being worn by Justin Bieber, there are other glaring reasons why this hat style is a terrible choice. It attempts to bring a touch of class to a more casual way of dress but fails. It tries to go retro but goes so far back that pictures from its origin of it don’t even exist.

The hats are flat brimmed all around with either a flat or round top. With such styles as fitted jeans and faded hair coming back from the past it seems that designers have reached back to the 1600’s for this one.

The style of hat dates to the mid-1600’s in Ecuador. The hats were sent from Ecuador to Panama and thus the name came about.  They were frequently worn by gold miners in California and even as recently as in the early-twentieth century by film starts.


This style is one that does not mesh well with what is currently popular. The hats belong on those people from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Even people from the gold rush and early 20th century can pull it off with their old fashioned attire. However the only excuse for wearing one today is if you are reenacting a play or advertising for Quakers Oatmeal.

https://jaymcdermond.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/quaker-logo-resize1 .jpg


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