An individual’s first impression tells a lot about them. So why wouldn’t one take an extra 10 or 15 minutes to look good. During the influential time of College, students work towards jobs and marriage. Like all other things in life, hard work is rewarded. A more polished style gives off a better first impression and thus can lead students towards reaching important goals.

When it comes to dress and groom there is a critical factor at the forefront. One must put in effort. From hair to clothing, time is necessary. One can tell if someone just woke up, hopped in the shower, and ran out the door. It’s obvious. It’s not a good look. Perhaps the confusion for some men comes from the popularity of an effortless style.

Ironically enough, it takes effort to look effortlessly good.

The first step towards giving off a better image and looking better is being style conscious; learn what looks good. One may assume that their basketball shorts and shoes look good, but their intended use is on the basketball court.

Pick up a magazine. Watch Television. Style lessons await us, in the constant swarm of media that surrounds us. Celebrities have stylists, whose jobs are to make them look good. Look at what these celebrities are wearing. Look at an attractive celebrity’s Instagram, look at her boyfriend or husband. Look at advertisements on television or online. Look at the guests on your favorite late night talk show. As one tries to learn and becomes more observant, consciousness of style will be learned.

That is the first step. It will take work. But to begin, knowledge must first be gained!

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